What’s The Appeal Of Co-branding Friend Sanrio

You may not have heard of Sanrio, but if you see the pictures, you’ll recognize HelloKitty, Kuromi, Melody, Pochacco, and so on. Any one of them is a cute hit. But where exactly did the Sanrio family come from?

⭐ Sanrio is a hot Japanese cartoon and anime brand founded in 1960. The number of characters on the list alone is more than 80.

①HelloKitty: The setting is actually a cute girl, not a cat. It’s nearing the end of her life.

②Melody: At first it was Sanrio who chose the Big Wolf’s favorite animal to eat based on a poll, so she always wore the little red hat.

③Cinnamoroll: The prototype is the Cocker Spaniel with big ears.

④Kurumi: A badass and lovable villain who bullies Melody a lot. He is called the “Black Turban Kid”

⑤Pacha Dogs: purebred dogs that are good at sports (so mostly sports styling). A good friend of kitty.

⭐ Sanrio holds a star popularity contest every year, where netizens choose their favorite images. And in recent years Kuromi and Cinnamoroll have been getting more and more popular.

⭐ its periphery sweeping the mall really let people look at the eyes, simply co-branding the existence of the devil, and not long ago, looking for the

unicorn Rico official announcement of the details of the map obviously see the shadow of the Sanrio. This wave of king bomb combination if co-branded, it is really desirable! Double Chef Rapture!

Why did Sanrio choose RiCO out of all the hipster IPs ❓❓❓

❤Because the world of Rico has a lot in common with the Sanrio family.

⭐ As a highly recognized IP in the hip hop circle, Rico has previously established co-branding cooperation with many brands, and the pink and blue smiley face has appeared on a variety of co-branded items, and has been fervently pursued at every turn. Sales of hot and even premium space ~ such as and shiseido, moody and adopt a cow are sold out.

Whether in the cultural and creative circles or in the circle of life and aesthetics, she is the existence of a big heroine of peripheral life and aesthetics.

Rico’s friends in the world are also numerous, and she has created more than 200 images so far. All of them have brought unique healing power! When Rico meets Sanrio! When Rico meets Sanrio!

They will surely be the perfect partner for each other! They’re bound to harvest a bunch of teenage girls’ hearts ❤


What co-branding will Sanrio come out with next?

✬Pacha Dog and Meitou bring you the Flower and Teenager Blind Box Ornament. Welcome to Pacha Dog’s little garden~ Under Pacha Dog’s careful care, the flowers are blooming beautifully!

✬ Natsume Tomono Tent × Sanrio Cartoon Special Collaboration Decision! A dessert-themed collaboration design featuring Cat Sensei and Sanrio characters, with more details to be announced later!

More than half of the cuteness in life is brought by Sanrio. Are you looking forward to the Sanrio co-branded series?


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