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Gengar Foldable Tongue Plushie Blanket Pillow


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Gengar Tongue Plushie Pillow! Foldable tongue which is long enough to be a quilt blanket! Perfect for gifts, safe for kids and everyday use! Level up your sofa or beds with this adorable Gengar Pillow plush today.

Bedtime adventures! Let your kids have adventures with Gengar in their dreams. Our Gengar Sleeping Bag will add endless fun to their sleep!

Every time I put my head in, I feel like I was a kid drilling into a closet The tongue can be wrapped around the body as a small quilt, or as a small pillow It’s so cute.

Measurements: 40cm (15.7″) x 50cm (19. 7″), Tongue: 130cm (51.2″) when extended!



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