Cinnamoroll Kuromi Sleep Aid Music Light Bluetooth Speaker


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This Travel Suitcase Inspired Music Night Light is now available in both White Noise and Bluetooth versions! This compact and portable night light is the perfect addition to your room.

It isn’t just a light. it’s also a powerful sound machine that helps you relax and sleep soundly no matter where you are. The White Noise version features a soothing sound library of white noise. nature sounds. and lullabies to help you unwind and fall asleep faster. If you prefer your own music. the Bluetooth version lets you stream your favorite songs directly from your phone or tablet. with rich and dynamic sound quality.

White Noise Version:

Features: Sanrio Licensed. Gentle Hypnotic Noise. Built-in 8 white noises. relax and fall asleep quickly.

Battery Life: Charging 2.5h. working time about 36h.

Battery Capacity: 1200mAh

Rated Power: 0.7W

Rated Input: 5V-0.7A

Product Material: ABS+PVC+Electronic Components

Product Size: Cinnamoroll 112*112*96mm. Kuromi 112*112*102mm

Compliance Standards: GB 7000.1-2015. GB 7000.204-2008

Bluetooth Version:

Features: Sanrio Licensed. Brand New Bluetooth 5.0 Upgrade. Unlimited long-distance connection. 10 meters long distance. connect immediately after booting. the built-in magnetic speaker produces excellent sound quality.

Battery Life: Charging 3.5h. working time about 18h.

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

Rated Power: 5.2W

Rated Input: 5V-0.7A

Product Material: ABS+PVC+Electronic Components

Product Size: Cinnamoroll 112*112*96mm. Kuromi 112*112*102mm

Compliance Standards: GB 4943.1-2011


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