Cinnamoroll Friend Plushie Hot Water Bag With Neck Strap


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Keep your hands warm in the winter by using this super cute plushie hot water bag. The outside stuffed cinnamoroll is dressed in an outfit based on his bear friend. It comes with inner thick PVC hot water injection bag. long-lasting heat preservation. safe and durable without peculiar smell. It can be filled with hot and cold water at 0°C~80°C.

With neck strap. it is a hand wamer. also a potable bag.

Capacity: 450ml.

Size: 20cm*26cm.

Main material: pvc. polyester fiber.

How to Use:

  1. When filling water. please add two-thirds of the water perpendicular to the neck of the hand-held product. screw on the cap. and discharge the internal air. then tighten the cap. and turn it upside down for a while to ensure that it does not leak.
  2. In order to avoid splashing and scalding. do not pour boiling water directly into the hot water bag. and do not fill it directly from the hot water faucet.
  3. Put the filled warm water bag into the plush cloth cover.

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