Bubble-spitting kuromi
Bubble-spitting kuromi
Bubble-spitting kuromi
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Bubble-Spitting Kuromi


The Bubble-Spitting Kuromi, a delightful and interactive toy that brings a whimsical touch to playtime. This charming toy features the iconic character Kuromi in a fun and engaging design where she blows bubbles with a simple press, delighting children and fans of Sanrio alike. Crafted with safe and durable materials, this bubble-spitting toy not only sparks imagination and creativity but also encourages outdoor play and active fun. Whether you’re hosting a playdate or enjoying some time in the backyard, the Bubble-Spitting Kuromi adds an element of magic and excitement to any adventure. Elevate your child’s play experience with this imaginative and entertaining toy that combines the beloved character Kuromi with the joy of creating bubbles. Embrace the playful spirit of Kuromi as she spreads whimsy and laughter with every bubble blown, turning ordinary moments into enchanting memories. Add a dose of fun and entertainment to your child’s day with the Bubble-Spitting Kuromi, a delightful companion that enhances outdoor play and promotes creativity and joy. Watch as bubbles fill the air and smiles light up faces with this charming and interactive toy that encapsulates the essence of childhood wonder and amusement in a cute and captivating form.


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